YM - About title Yuppies Music is a creative entity run by Sam Tucker.

ST: I dont like the word ‘agency’, it feels impersonal.

Hermigervill once described me as his ‘helper friend’ i like that much more than ‘agent’.

I have a passion for alternative music, a hunger for boundary breaking music, weird and even weirder but also a love of classic songwritting.  From Death jazz to Flemish Sci-fi Future Funk, Icelandic Disco to Austria Neo-classical Electronica.

I have a passion for Japanese music.  Their unique culture excites me.  My mission is to establish and build a bridge between Japan and Europe, through live music experiences!  Although i chose not to work exclusively with Japanese artists as this would restrict me from working with other astonishingly brilliant acts from Europe.

The name Yuppies Music is a fun poke at myself and the pretentiousness i feel when describing the music i love.  Its supposed to be ironic.

Yuppies Music also offers proffesional tour management, stage management and design services.  With a smile 😉

Thanks for visiting and please do have a look and listen to the roster!

YM (Sam Tucker)


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