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‘Icelands One Man House Party’

Hermigervill - Promo Pic(3)

Hermigervill is a firmly established electronic musician from Reykjavík, Iceland.
There’s a rumour that within every household in Iceland there lives at least three musicians. Not because all musicians live together, but because so many Icelanders make music and release it under different names. The cold, dark winter days must help them stay indoors to practise, as does a good sense of humour and a healthy music culture. It’s this magical musical country that eccentric artists, Hermigervill calls home. The producer from Reykjavik not only produced records for Berndsen and Retro Stefson, but he also released four records with self-written material, two of which were electronic adaptations of traditional Iceland pop songs.

His new album is currently doing the circuit live, having tested the new songs while supporting Retro Stefson on their European tour, opening for the Flaming Lips at Sydney Festival(AUS) solo at UK and European Festivals such as Iceland Airwaves, Fusion Festival (Germany), Green man(UK), Secret Garden(UK) and headline tour of North America.